Monday, January 16, 2012

Bay Area Family Fun

Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo January 2012

Resolutions?   Over them.   I've been done with them for a while.   But for some reason I've kept hanging on to making bold declarations which 9 times out of 10 has left me breaking them fairly quickly, and in turn disappointment in myself.   It's like setting yourself up for failure which is completely ridiculous.   Thanks to my wiser and older self, this year I've moved on to broad goal setting.

One of my goals is to to be less routine as a family on the weekends.   Our weekends are packed with fun activities, but in a way I'm starting to feel very repetitive.   It's not something the kids notice at all, since of course they love the library visits, playings sports, attending basketball games, birthday parties,downtown strolls and parks galore.   But I love seeing the look on their faces at the sight of a new place, the questions that come with it, the experience and memories they bring back home, and stories they tell about that visit.

Since  I'm a fan of the laid back approach {generally speaking} and prefer outings to not feel like scheduled events, my plan is to stay simple and keep many a surprise for the kids.   Less stress for me, and way more fun for them. My kind of thing - win, win.   And who knows.  Maybe this will even turn into a mini series of family outings in the Bay Area.   We'll see what happens.  

The great thing about goals is that they often have by-products that accompany them.  For instance, we'll be exploring this beautiful area that we definitely take for grated because like many people,  we don't stop enough to appreciate that which is readily available.

Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo January 2012 + Collection
Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo January 2012 + Butterflies
Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo January 2012 + Spiderweb +Spiderman
Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo January 2012 _ Lil Solar Power Machine

Happy MLK Day!


  1. So cute.. I just want to smoosh them both! Although personally I'd die if I had to be that close to a butterfly even if it is in a display! My biggest phobia!!!

  2. Oh, how I've missed your refreshing posts! And your beautiful family!

  3. suonds like a wonderful plan to me! I always think of my Dad when I complain about "nothing to do" around town that I haven't done before. he slaps me upside the head with ideas of things I hear about all the time but just never take the time to experience.

  4. I LOVE that you're posting again :) Your kiddos are adorable, btw. I wouldn't expect less from such a lovely lady!
    xoxo J