Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is That You...My Perfect Hair Colorist?

Ivory Turtleneck + Lace Silk Tank Top + Light Jeans + Grey Booties + Hair Highlights Touch Up

Ivory Turtleneck + Lace Silk Tank Top + Light Jeans + Grey Booties + Army Green Jacket - Oak Tree

For the most part, I've colored my hair myself. There have been the few exceptions, mostly when I'm in Europe. Only three times have I been something else other then completely blonde, so doing my own solid shade really isn't that complicated.

There was the one time I went chocolate brown, which lasted all of a few weeks, and the time when I was 16 and had red streaks added, because a popular singer at the time, in Belgrade, looked fantastic with hers. Her eyes though were an amazing green and I think that complemented the look far more on her.

Ivory Turtleneck + Lace Silk Tank Top + Light Jeans + Grey Booties + Hair Highlights Touch Up - White  Background

Then the horror story happened. A new popular salon had just opened and I had been itching to get the brown lowlights on blonde, that Jennie Garth was wearing during the super popular years of 90210. I went in with a picture of her color that I wanted, but left in tears. Instead of chunky brown lowlights {I know, it makes me cringe now that I wanted that lol} the colorist interwove extremely thin strands of a black shade. Long story short, I came out with what could have passed for completely salt and pepper hair. I could tell while she was doing it, that it wasn't what I had asked for. I have a very hard time speaking up...although I am getting better with time {age?}.

Years have gone by, and while I have never minded coloring my hair, and have for so many of my girlfriends, I've been wanting to get away from this solid shade of blonde. Plus, my hair is naturally light brown so as its growing out, its always very obvious of needing a touch up.

In October I had mustered up the courage to have my hair done by a professional, again. While I didn't completely think it was atrocious, it really wasn't what I was going for, and I think she was ridiculously overprice {although, that's just common for this area}. It was much darker then I feel comfortable in, blonde just suites my complexion more.

Iva Messy Hair Close Up 12.22.10

Yesterday I had an appointment with a new hair colorist, asking her to do just a partial highlight. She touched up with one shade on my natural color, and while I wasn't too sure of it originally, it's growing on me. It's really not the color that I mind right, its the technique of spacing and parting {I'm a perfectionist}.

So now that I'm back to being comfortable with having my hair done by someone else, I'm going to keep trying new colorists until I find the perfect one for me lol. I might look for someone in the city {San Francisco}, which is about a 30 minute drive for me. Which of course, if I found the perfect hair colorist, it would be worth the drive.


  1. Your hair looks amazing- and your skin :) That has completely motivated me on in my healthy skin quest. Thanks.
    Emma x

  2. Love the color!

    My colorist/hair dresser is leaving town in 2011, I'll also have to go on a quest to find mrs. right.


  3. Your hair looks great on you I would have never guessed u were a natural brunette, blond looks natural on you. I've had hair color mishaps too . One time in college i had some highlights in a box go horribly wrong and i looked like a skunk.

  4. i love the colour, i know it always takes me awhile to warm up to a new cut/colour and seeing someone new is always a little nerve racking.....but just you know, you do look awesome!


    eden from creativelovechild

  5. My hair stylist is Lauren Kolb at GlamaRama in San Francisco (on Valencia and 15th), and I think she's the most perfect hair stylist in the world. I LOVE HER! I have followed her to three different salons throughout the years and would go anywhere for her to color my hair! You should try her--I'm sure you'll love your hair as much as I do whenever I leave her chair. :)

  6. Gorgeous! You are always so beautiful. I can't color my hair because it's so dark but I have always wanted to.

  7. i think your hair is so very pretty!
    have a very merry christmas. xoxo

  8. YOU ARE INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS! (: blessed christmas to you and your lovely family! xoxoxox

  9. Wow.. i never notice what an amazing color eyes you have!!! They look like starburst honey in green.. incredibly jealous.. would have killed for hazel or green eyes like my mum and brother!!!
    Gorgeous photos!!.. I like your color hair.. its not just a solid color so it looks very natural!!

    I go to a stylist because i finally found one thats affordable. I get a whole head highlights, tint, cut & blowdry for under £130.. and on my long hair thats a great deal.
    Before the last 2 years I used to have my mum do my hair.. but blondie got a bit bleach happy (i call her blonde nazi as she thinks blondes are a superior race) and literally my highlights ended up being a full head of platinum ice blonde hair!! :s I was the only 8yr old who has highlights as she couldnt quite believe i didnt come out blonde hahaha

  10. Love the color & your loooong hair Iva!
    Happy Holidays, beautiful!


  11. I think your hair looks gorgeous.. although I'm new here so not sure what it looked like before : /

    I am heading in for a little color myself after Christmas because mom has informed me, my home dye job is "too dark" eeekkk

  12. finding the *perfect* hairstylist/colorist is a journey and best of luck on your quest! We "wear" our hair everyday so you want it to look your best--good luck!

  13. If you are looking try diPietro Todd. I had a colorist in the city who was AMAZING! They are expensive but when I used to go see Hannah I only would get my highlights done every 10-12 weeks.